TeraVM 12.0.2 Software Release

What’s New in 12.0.2

Release 12.0.2 has a number of platform updates:

Citrix Xen and Amazon AWS Support

The new TeraVM architecture and features introduced from 12.0 are now available on the Citrix Xen hypervisor and Amazon AWS Cloud platform as well as ESXi and KVM.

ESXi Hypervisor Support

The TeraVM Executive is now bundled with the TeraVM Mangement Assistant, and is deployed in the same way as the TeraVM Controller and Test Modules. It is no longer delivered as a separate OVA file. Release 12.0.2 also contains a number of important bug fixes.

CyberSecurity Database

Cobham provides regular CyberSecurity Database updates.

12.0.2 ships with the latest available version of the TeraVM CyberSecurity Database (53). The repository now supports over 11,100 Cybersecurity threats which are accessible from the TeraVM Java Client and perl library (cli).

(This is also available as a standalone download – contact Cobham support for more information)

What Was New in 12.0

Release 12.0 introduced significant advances to TeraVM, which will enable greater collaboration and productivity by
delivering optimal test resources on demand. The advances include:

  • A new intuitive HTML5 User Interface (UI) which together with a Centralized Test Library, enables users to
    quickly create, checkout, share and run tests.
  • A new TeraVM Executive, which packages TeraVM administrative and management functions.
  • The ability to build an elastic test bed, according to the resource requirements of a particular test. This is enabled
    with the new TeraVM Pool Manager, which optimizes compute resources by sharing TeraVM test modules
    among multiple testbeds (controllers).
  • The TVM-vRAN, which provides user and control plane RAN emulation for testing 4G RAN, Core and peripheral
  • Significant Licensing Updates, including Bandwidth Equivalent Licensing.
  • Many updates to security and other miscellaneous TeraVM applications.
  • Other new features, including Active Directory support and support for Mellanox 40G NICs.


TeraVM Release 12.0