NAS Performance Monitoring

Optimize NAS Performance & Availability with VirtualWisdom

The largest enterprises in the world trust VirtualWisdom to guarantee the performance of mission-critical applications and drive maximum performance from their storage infrastructure. Until September 2016, VirtualWisdom deployments were deployed exclusively on fibre channel SANS. Today, those same benefits are available for Networked Attached Storage (NAS) systems running NFS. Whether you’re concerned about your retail customer experiences, patient data availability, national security, or anything in between, VirtualWisdom helps IT teams guarantee performance and availability on your Network Attached Storage infrastructure.

VirtualWisdom Benefits for NAS Monitoring

Accelerates Adoption and Deployment of NAS: Helps customers smoothly transition mission-critical applications to NAS by monitoring performance and proactively avoiding problems.

Enables Performance-Based SLAs: Advanced real-time reporting and analytics improves overall performance and ensures adherence to performance and uptime SLAs. It quantifies how storage virtualization improves application response time.

Optimizes OpEx and CapEx: It offers operational (OpEx) savings through improved operations and faster troubleshooting, and aids capital expenditure (CapEx) savings by extending the life of existing infrastructure investments.

Improves Availability: The real-time, end-to-end NAS performance monitoring enables users to proactively identify issues before they become widespread performance problems or outages. VirtualWisdom’s Applied Analytics module helps users quickly pinpoint the root cause of performance and availability problems.

NAS Performance Monitoring

A single VirtualWisdom view offers performance monitoring from the VM to the Filesystem. Here, we see Key Performance Indicators in an ESX environment, with NFS datastores