Solution Use Cases

Network Function Virtualization

Network Function Virtualization - Cobham´s NFV enables carriers to deliver new business objectives, including delivery of networking & services at reduced costs

Network Function Virtualization

Network Function Virtualization (NFV) is enabling carriers to deliver new business objectives which includes the delivery of networking and services at reduced costs. By adopting to use virtualization and software based components carriers can quickly adopt to meet the challenges associated with the latest network traffic trends and subscriber application craze. With a more software centric approach to operations, carriers must ensure that the NFV system and the Virtual Network Functions (VNF) being deployed into the datacentre like infrastructure are functional and moreover are as robust and reliable as products running in proprietary hardware.

TeraVM NFV System Service Validation

TeraVM is a virtualized IP test solution, enabling emulation and performance measurements of regular service application flows. TeraVM is unique as it is the only test solution available today can be orchestrated into a NFV system as a regular VNF enabling Test Data as a Service (TDaaS) for VNF service validation.

The simplicity in which the TeraVM VNF can be orchestrated and launched in the NFV System demonstrates the openness and inclusiveness of the deployed platform, a key ideology for network function virtualization.

With a wide range of VNFs and the ability to deploy functions in a service chain like manner will require functional validation and performance validation at a service layer. Using TeraVM stateful network application emulation, carriers can quickly verify operational performance.

NFV System Validation


  • Prove the VNF appliance is functional and that the applied service is operational
  • Demonstrate performance reliability e.g. VNF performance exceeds that of dedicated hardware


  • Test portability performance of VNFs on unique hypervisors: VMware ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer and KVM
  • Load test VNF to determine scale up / scale out capability

Real-Time Service Analysis

  • Use TeraVM northbound api for service performance analysis for complete L2-7 health analysis
  • Assess in real-time the impact that software upgrades has on the NFV system service reliability


Watch this short video to see an overview: