Storage Virtualization

Benefitting Storage Virtualization with VirtualWisdom

Many organizations deploy storage virtualizers (such as IBM SVC and EMC VPLEX) to improve storage resource utilization, improve performance, and simplify data migrations. However, this additional layer of abstraction also introduces increased complexity, I/O congestion, and limited visibility that impacts performance and jeopardizes the success of a storage virtualization strategy. VirtualWisdom adds tremendous value in hardware-based storage virtualized environments by improving real-time visibility, problem identification, and root-cause analysis. This not only helps accelerate adoption of storage virtualization—it guarantees its success.

Virtual Instruments Benefits for Storage Virtualization

Our global customer base successfully leverages Virtual Instruments to capacity plan, measure, monitor, and optimize virtual storage.

Load DynamiX Enterprise

Proactively identify when performance ceilings will be breached. By proving out when storage resources cannot keep up with I/O demands being generated by applications.

Ensures the right and right amount of product is acquired. By modeling the production application workload I/Os as accurately as possible, Load DynamiX helps identify which products perform best to your organizations workloads and what amount of products need to be acquired, now and in to the future through if/then scenarios.

Understand the impact of new applications. Allows IT planners to provide reliable information to application owners about the potential impact that new projects will have on current storage resources so that they can budget ahead of time for future systems.


Accelerates Adoption: Helps customers use storage virtualization more aggressively by improving performance reporting, and enabling a more aggressive use of lower cost tiers

Enables Performance-Based SLAs: Advanced real-time reporting and analytics improves the results and adherence to performance and uptime SLAs. It shows when the storage virtualization is responsible for improving application response time.

Optimizes OpEx and CapEx: It offers operational (OpEx) savings through improved operations and faster troubleshooting, and aids capital expenditure (CapEx) savings by extending the life of existing infrastructure investments.

Improves Availability: The real-time, end-to-end performance monitoring enables users to proactively identify issues before they become widespread performance issues or outages. VirtualWisdom’s Applied Analytics module helps users quickly pinpoint the root cause of performance and availability problems.

Storage virtualization has numerous benefits that can improve storage efficiency, performance, and flexibility of the storage infrastructure. However, the additional layer of abstraction adds complexity and latency, and obscures visibility into the infrastructure, making it difficult to manage performance and availability. VirtualWisdom helps optimize virtualized storage environments by providing comprehensive visibility and definitive insight into the health, utilization and performance of the system-wide application infrastructure—helping drive the highest performance at the optimal cost and lowest risk.