Storage Configuration Optimization

Load DynamiX enables storage engineers to optimize the performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of their storage systems. Companies who already use Load DynamiX can ensure that they don’t under-provision or over-provision and overpay for storage.

Your Challenges

  • The process of optimizing storage configurations has become much more challenging with the increase in storage scale, complexity, and new technologies such as solid state.
  • With nearly 40% of IT hardware budgets spent on storage, optimizing your configurations to ensure that you’re not overpaying is more critical than ever.
  • Under-provisioning of storage results in dissatisfied users and potentially lost revenues.
    There are not enough people, time, and resources to adequately perform accurate testing and evaluation of the various configuration options available on today’s modern storage arrays. Legacy techniques are neither comprehensive nor cost-effective.
  • What is the right mix of HDDs vs. SSDs? How do I determine if traditional hard drive-based storage is most appropriate for my workloads versus hybrids or All flash arrays (AFAs)?
  • With the flurry of new technologies (SSDs, object storage, caching/tiering, dedup/compression) promising faster, cheaper and better storage solutions, it’s hard not to get caught up in the hype. But how can vendors make such claims about their technology without knowing how the technology will perform in your specific environment with your custom workloads?


Load DynamiX Solution Overview

Load DynamiX helps you to develop a workload model that allows you to accurately simulate how well the target storage systems under consideration will perform based on a variety of real-world testing scenarios. There is no need to rely on vendor claims and freeware benchmarking tools that simply are not representative of your production environment. With Load DynamiX, you determine the optimal storage price / performance configuration by varying dozens of settings like read/write ratio, random/sequential ratio, block/file size, compression / dedupe and queue depth. The Load DynamiX solution builds upon the three main steps of infrastructure performance validation. Load DynamiX Enterprise enables you to:

  1. Characterize Workloads – we help you characterize and create accurate workload models from statistics and network trace files collected from the actual production environment.
  2. Model Workloads – We help you build workload models, maintain libraries of repeatable scenarios and results, schedule validation scenarios for execution, and analyze the results visually.
  3. Emulate Workloads At Scale – Load DynamiX’s load generation appliances are purpose built devices and software that have been optimized to generate and drive extreme storage workloads across a wide variety of storage protocols and interfaces.
Storage Configuration Optimization - Load DynamiX enables storage engineers to optimize the performance, reliability & cost-effectiveness of storage systems

With LoadDynamiX, you set your test parameters, including the number of iterations, run the tests ONCE (above), and view results in tabular (below) or graphical formats. In this example, we varied block request size, read percentage, and randomness of data. With legacy tools, you would have had to run 20 separate tests, then manually compile the results.

Storage Configuration Optimization - Load DynamiX enables storage engineers to optimize the performance, reliability & cost-effectiveness of storage systems

Load DynamiX Solution Advantages

  • Performance assurance: You can ensure your chosen storage solutions will meet performance SLAs under your specific workloads. Load DynamiX helps you ensure that configurations are aligned to application workload performance requirements.
  • Reduced storage costs: You can reduce over-provisioning and choose the best configuration for your specific workloads. You can quantify the effects of literally hundreds of configuration options including deduplication, compression, virtualization, fan-in / fan-out ratios, multipathing types, queue depths, block size, and tiering. Load DynamiX helps create an accurate model of existing and future workloads that can be run at extreme scales. Storage costs, which can comprise ~40% of IT h/w budget, are optimized.
  • Acceleration of new application deployments: You can accelerate time to market by validating new applications and their supporting infrastructure configurations; making deployment decisions faster and more confidently.
  • Competitive Advantage: Improve your competitive advantage by increased flexibility and full scalability of testing alternatives. Re-allocate engineering and QA resources from test-writing, test creation and re-configuration, to actually running the tests or even to more strategic efforts.