Key Benefits

The storage infrastructure life-cycle includes planning, design, procurement, deployment, troubleshooting, optimization, and change management. The results of relying on the insight provided by Load DynamiX as an essential, on-going part of optimizing your storage infrastructure life-cycle and change validation process include:

  • Cutting storage costs by up to 60% as Load DynamiX will provide the true performance requirements data to utilize lower cost storage solutions.
  • Accelerating deployment of new applications or services by finding and preventing future problems in test and dev sites as opposed to during live production.
  • Performance assurance that the infrastructure meets user needs by fully testing applications in their worst case conditions before production deployment.
  • Reducing the risk of downtime due to performance slowdowns and accelerating the troubleshooting process. Load DynamiX will help ensure that end-users are fully satisfied in terms of uptime and response time.
  • Higher storage engineer productivity due to the simplicity of the test set-up, administration and reporting of Load DynamiX relative to freeware-based approaches. Storage engineers can run 10X more tests per month, accelerating the ability to adopt new technology and roll out new business applications.
Key Benefits *Cut storage costs *Higher storage productivity *Accelerate deployment of new applications/services *Performance assurance *Reduce downtime