Cost Optimization

Do more with less. Way more.

CIOs are expected to deliver critical projects that transform business, and do so on time, on budget and with limited resources.

The effort to increase performance while reducing costs has resulted in significantly overprovisioned, yet under-performing infrastructures. Some level of overprovisioning is not an unreasonable hedge against the limited insight into both workload requirements and the associated performance requirements, but taken to extremes it tremendously inflates both CAPEX and OPEX; the sheer size of the environment increases the likelihood of issues and makes it harder to identify and resolve them when they do occur; and the consolidation of multiple application workloads onto the increasingly shared infrastructure increases the impact of problems that arise.

Virtual Wisdom gives you the power to visualize your entire system-wide performance and utilization in one easy-to-use interface. This, in turn, allows your company to benefit from higher utilization of your existing assets, and appropriately allocate for future consumption.

Our customers report a 40% reduction in system wide infrastructure cost.