01.07.2015: Load DynamiX Product Release: v2.6 / 4.0 – Announcing General Availability

<b>01.07.2015</b>: Load DynamiX Product Release: v2.6 / 4.0 – Announcing General Availability

Load DynamiX Product Release v2.6 / v4.0

We are proud to announce the latest product: the 4.0 Load DynamiX product release appliance operating system and the 2.6 release of Load DynamiX Enterprise.

The latest releases are now available from the download site.

What's in the New Release?

The new release enables you to take full advantage of new product features, including:

Load DynamiX Enterprise 2.6

  • New Composite Workload Editor to enable you to better represent and more accurately model complex applications and virtualized environments
  • New "out of the box" workload models that simplify the testing of OpenStack Swift, Amazon S3, NFS 4.1 and VDI Runtime for FC & iSCSI
  • New system backup and restoration capabilities

Load DynamiX Appliance 4.0

  • Support for FCoE and OpenStack Cinder protocol emulation
  • DNS support to better test clustered storage systems and load balancers
  • New arithmetic engine make it easier to create realistic and high performing workload generation

Read what's new: >> What’s New_In Version 4.0/2.6 - Load DynamiX (PDF)

Free Product Training Webinar

Understand these new features better by reviewing the recorded webinar and associated slides.

How to download the release:

Contact support (support@LoadDynamiX.com) with your Load DynamiX serial number or Appliance MAC address to obtain it. You must have an active maintenance agreement and be registered with Load DynamiX to download the product.

Once you've provided such information, you'll receive:

  • The link to the v2.6 / v4.0 product on the download site.
  • A README file identifying new features is included in the .zip file.

Please reply to support@LoadDynamiX.com if you have any questions.

We look forward to hearing your feedback.