10./11.11.2015: Meet NCS SOLUTIONS and Load DynamiX at Cloud Expo Europe in Frankfurt

<b>10./11.11.2015:</b> Meet NCS SOLUTIONS and Load DynamiX at Cloud Expo Europe in Frankfurt

Cloud Expo Europe Frankfurt is not just a trade show

It’s a conference, exhibition, networking hub, seminar series, media hot-spot and new product launch pad, cutting through the hype and presenting the real benefits of cloud computing to an eager audience of enterprise and Mittelstand buyers.

Who is Load DynamiX?

Load DynamiX is a workload modeling and performance validation company that helps IT architects, primarily those directly involved in storage, optimize the performance, availability, and cost of their storage infrastructure. With 40%+ of the typical IT infrastructure budget spent on storage, Load DynamiX provides the essential data to deploy dramatically lower cost storage solutions and to practically eliminate the risk of performance-related problems.

Load DynamiX is currently being used by all major storage companies in their engineering/QA organizations. About 12 months ago Load DynamiX started focusing on the enterprise market with some pretty impressive results. For example, Load DynamiX is helping GoDaddy, one of the world’s largest web hosting companies, cut their storage costs by over 60% while achieving 5 nines of availability over 5 data centers.

Load DynamiX Corporate Brochure
Review the brochure to see how companies use Load DynamiX to optimize cut storage costs, eliminate storage performance risk, and increase storage engineering productivity by 10x.
>> LoadDynamiX -Brochure For IT Organisations (PDF)


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