01.10.2015: Tera VM 11.4 Software Release

<b>01.10.2015:</b> Tera VM 11.4 Software Release

The TeraVM 11.4 software release is now available to all customers, the release is significant as it lays the foundation stone to enabling a “zero touch approach” to IP network test and measurement by providing pre-canned use-cases for our customers.

The release tackles some of the core issues that the industry faces in terms of usability, complexity and relevance in the age of network function virtualization (NFV).

Write once, run anywhere

TeraVM supports a new user experience with the introduction of a web based user interface. The 11.4 release supports goal seeking throughput test capabilities, in which users simply input an objective and TeraVM will iterate a number of steps to accurately determine if the objective was achieved. More details are available in the release notes on the customer portal, click on the button below to login and download.

Enabling collaboration and resource sharing

TeraVM 11.4 release sees the introduction to a brand new feature, the centralized test library. The library offers a common framework where users share new test scenarios via a centralized server.

The library is accessed from standard web browser, making it easy for users of TeraVM to upload and share test cases.

In addition, TeraVM now supports the use of an external storage device (up to 1Terabyte). This allows our customers to create their own traffic libraries. Customers simply create their own network packet capture (pcap) files, load into the repository and use as part of any test case, including mixing with the TeraVM threat database for security appliance testing.

TeraVM supports Azure

TeraVM now supports performance validation in the Azure cloud. This compliments the existing support for the Amazon cloud. In addition to public cloud, TeraVM also supports OpenStack Kilo release.

Cybersecurity Threat Database

The threat database is now in excess of 11,000+ known vulnerabilities, making it the most complete in the industry. TeraVM is used to load the good, your own and the bad traffic profiles to determine security appliance performance capability under real load scenarios.

MPEG-DASH support

TeraVM enables users to emulate both client and server for MPEG –DASH, which is fully stateful. Like the existing ABR clients of HDS, HLS and Smooth, users can connect to 3rd party streaming servers. TeraVM provides relevant per flow performance metrics for video quality on all ABR clients.

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